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First things first, if you haven’t yet go ahead and bookmark this site and watch the overview video below. The main purpose of is to review Online Income Opportunities, this includes Trading products, Internet Marketing products, E-commerce products and any other online business that can produce consistent profits for us. I will continue to differentiate myself from other review sites by documenting the daily steps I take that lead up to my final review. In this way the honesty of my reviews can be verified for any given product. If you should have any questions simply send me a message via the contact us link above. I’m also available to chat thru skype (Trevan09) or Telegram (@EmpireAmbition) if you have either. 


*Intro video coming soon*






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  1. Sceadagengan
    Sceadagengan 2 October, 2021, 19:52

    Hello Larry – I have had Agimat EA on a small account for 3 weeks. Week 1 took 13.34%. Week 2 was 8.21% and last week a magical 7.44%. 3 pairs RUR/USD, GBP/USD & EUR/GBP. I am waiting for verification process to now complete so that you can see these results. I also have the Agimat indicator and here are those results W1 = 1.88%, W2 =3.11% and this last week 3.47%. What great results and thanks for the review reports. Regards Keith

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    • EmpireAmbition
      EmpireAmbition Author 3 October, 2021, 15:55

      Thats awesome, i cant wait to see your results. Hopefully you posted this info in the comments of the youtube video so everyone can see how well your doing.

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  2. Sceadagengan
    Sceadagengan 9 October, 2021, 11:12


    Good Day.

    I have linked in this for use if you like although I see you have other verified accounts for the Agimat EA. It is with Myfxbook

    Keith Anthony Mellor – Agimat FX2020 EA
    Real (GBP), Pepperstone , Technical , Automated , 1:30 , MetaTrader 4
    Track record verified
    Trading privileges verified


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    • Sceadagengan
      Sceadagengan 9 January, 2022, 12:36

      Hello Larry,
      May I wish you a great new year to come.
      I too seem to have issues with myfxbook statistics which is highly disappointing. i am keeping a manual record but without myfxbook as a bona fides users can be not confident. All the best Keith

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  3. Moe
    Moe 2 February, 2022, 23:48

    Hey Larry, I’m just diving into EAs. Would you happen to have tutorials anywhere on how to have this setup?

    Thanks bud!

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    • EmpireAmbition
      EmpireAmbition Author 4 February, 2022, 14:37

      Hey, i dont have any tutorials right now but once you purchase an EA they typically have video instructions and also a pdf manual on how to get setup.

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  4. Peewee
    Peewee 11 May, 2022, 17:20

    Hi guys, just watching your YouTube videos, do you have the best settings for arbitron. We’ve just got it on a demo account at the moment. I’m looking to move live within the next week so any suggestions would be great.

    Thanks Pete

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    • EmpireAmbition
      EmpireAmbition Author 14 May, 2022, 00:38

      Hey, its been several years since i tested that EA. I dont have any settings for it unfortunately. Most people i know that were testing it have stopped due to the constant switching of brokers. Sorry i couldnt be of more help.

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