Promax Gold EA Review & Testing

Promax Gold EA Review & Testing

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Welcome to the Promax Gold EA intro video. I’ve had several people ask about a lower priced EA that provides good consistent returns so we’ll be testing the Promax Gold EA to see if its fits the bill. A few facts about the EA are below: 

-Minimum account balance is $1,000 

-Should not be used on cent or mini accounts. 

-14 Day Money Back Guarantee. 

-This EA only trades Gold, XAUUSD, on the 5 minute chart. 

-It is programmed to analyze the market and also fundamental and technical news. 

-The price is a 1 time payment and future updates are free. 

-No need to change settings as the best are already set to default. 

-Win rate has shown to be above 80%. 

-The profits seem to be between 15%-20% per month. 

-A VPS is recommended. 

-Recommended broker is LMFX as seen in banner above or Click Here

Their myfxbook only has 2 months of stats so im excited to see if my results can match theirs. I’ll get my own myfxbook link setup soon and add it below. If you have any questions just let me know and i’ll try to find the answers. As always, thanks for watching.


Promax July 2021 Update Stats


20out of 5
16out of 5
20out of 5
Ease of Use
12out of 5


Promax is definitely one of the better EA's i've tested. Support is A+ as they respond quickly and in detail. They offer several live myfxbook links on their website which prove that the EA has performed profitably. I had to take a few stars away from Ease of Use since there are several preset options and some are definitely more profitable than others. I personally prefer when vendors ask us not to change settings because they've already found the best choices. Even so Promax is a very consistent Gold trading EA and highly recommended.


4.25 out of 5

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